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    I so hear you on the pros to this post! We too are pretty crunchy, baby-wearing, cloth-diapering, co-sleeping parents (I tried making my own baby food but would you believe that Will never ate it? any of it? he just boycotted everything but nursing until he had enough teeth for table food!). I swear sometimes we go to Asian-cuisine restaurants not just because we like the food, but because we love that the waitstaff treats Will the way we got so used to in China. The other day we went somewhere else to eat, and this dad just kept glaring at us because Will was eating table food. So bizarre! Looking forward to getting back to India (leaving today!) and leaving the parental pressure cooker of NoVA.
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    Great post. I’m bummed we are no where near each other…our babies and families would get along just fine. =)
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    What a fantastic post! I read through it without blinking. as my husband has been offered a position in SL, we have two babies (2yo and 6mo old). I was wondering if you have any contacts there that can provide me with any help on what to take etc. are there playgroups for little ones their age? I have never been there so I’m clueless. please help :)

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