Oh, Ferber, I love you so much!

Oh, Ferber sleep training, I am so sorry I thought I was too good for you. I am so sorry that I thought letting Jasmine cry was cruel. I am SO SO SORRY.

We should have done this month s ago.

Before anyone gets their hackles up about TERRIBLE MOTHER and CRUELTY and HOW COULD YOU JUST LET HER CRY, let me explain that we have tried everything. EVERYTHING. Amazon is chortling with glee becuase I have paid a fortune for utterly useless books that promised to show us how to get our baby to sleep. No tears? HAHAHAHAHA.

Obviously, you have not met my daughter.

She is adorable. She is cute. She loves people. She is a ham. And she is manipulative. OH BOY DOES SHE KNOW HER MAMA AND PAPA WELL.

We were so fucked.

All this to say, 20 minutes of tears was well worth 7 hours straight of sleep. Even if I was clutching my husband’s hand and sobbing into a pillow because it was pretty damn unbearable.

Is there anything more beautiful than a full night’s sleep?