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It is damn good to be home.

Damn, it’s good to be home. As wonderful as it was to visit friends and family, this last trip hammered home how out of place I feel back in the States. Normal for me is Cotonou. Even with all of it’s travails, challenges, and frustrations, it’s more home to me than where I grew up.

Here’s what’s going on: I passed the Foreign Service orals and recieved a conditional offer of employment. I now need to pass Medical, repass Security, and make it through the Final Review Panel. Then, I’ll be put on a list of other hopefuls to pray that one day I’ll get the call inviting me to join the Foreign Service and move to DC for diplomat training. This process could take 3 months, like it could take 12, like it could just not work out for any number of reasons.

All I know is that it’s nice to be home. It’s nice to be in my own kitchen. And I’ll post pictures and recipes over the next few days.aracer.mobi

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