I like snails. Eating them, that is.

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  1. Hi Theresa – welcome to the food blogging world, and congrats on your launch! I love this post – snails are so delicious, aren’t they? I’m fascinated by the other foods mentioned in your post and shown in the photos. It would be great if you would provide a little more description of these “local” foods! As an American, I have no idea what wagasi is, and I am also curious how they prepare the snail eggs, since I’ve only ever seen whole snails cooked in butter here in the States, never the eggs. :)

    There are some great resources for food bloggers at the website http://foodblogforum.com/ . Good place to ask questions and network with other food bloggers. I’m a pretty new blogger myself, and have gotten some great tips there.

    See you on the ‘net!
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  1. May 23, 2010

    […] had some fun on the way (see Escargot, Beninese style, on himynameistheresa for more details about the food), but once we showed up in Parakou, it was a […]

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