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West African IPs blocked again

For the past two days, a client has desperately been trying to get a hold of us. He said he couldn’t access his website. We checked, no problems on our end, and brushed him off.

He showed up this morning at 8:05am with his laptop and CDMA connection. “I’ll prove to you I’m not an idiot,” he says. He’s right. Our hosting provider has blocked his IP. Except that wireless connections in Benin don’t have individual IPs when connecting internationally. Thanks to the miracles of DCHP, all of any one ISP’s clients share an IP address.

Apparently, our webhost instituted several anti-spam measures last night, catching our West African clients in the cross-fire. A few frantic emails later, they’ve unblocked the IP in question, but I’m left wondering, what if this happens again?


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