Uh, where is Benin getting all of this money from?

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  1. Stii says:

    I think if you dig a bit, you may find Chinese money is going to do that! May be wrong though…

    • theresac says:

      Oh, the Chinese are *definitely* paying for infrastructure. Or at
      least, loaning us the money to pay for it. I wish the government would
      remember that the Chinese won't forgive our debts like Europeans do.

      The thing that gets me here, though, is that the government keeps
      telling us that there isn't any money in the treasury. So if the
      Chinese are lending, great! We can hire Chinese firms with Chinese
      money. But why not scrounge around to pay back all of the Beninese
      entrepreneurs the government owes?

      At least no one's calling it an “economic stimulus package.” The irony
      would slay me.

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