Monthly Archive: May 2009

Wedding pictures! Finally!

After five weeks of slow connections and frustration, wedding pictures are finally up! You can pursue them on Flickr, although I have yet to tag and order them. My favorites are after the fold.

Uh, where is Benin getting all of this money from?

Benin’s going from 12 departments to 29 and is redoing the whole administrative map, from arrondissements to chef lieux. The government doesn’t even have enough money to pay its contractors! We are broke-asses over here! Where on earth do they think they’re going to come up with the cash to build the new infrastructure...

Doesn’t anyone get tired of being disenfranchised around here?

The current big political flap in Benin is the LEPI (Liste Electorale Permanente Informatisée or Permanent Computerized Voter Registry). Benin’s electoral system is fraught with fraud. In a country where less than a third of the population has an ID card, fixing it will be a long hard process. Enter the politicians. After months...

On forgetting to set the alarm. Again.

Trying to put together an intelligent blog post to test the Gatorpeeps Tools update with. Failing. Hard. It’s been a rough morning.seo как раскрутить сайт

ORTB is now available online!

ORTB emissions are available online! It looks like they go up as soon as filming ends; today’s Revue de Presse is already available. It looks like it’s the nightly news, both for television and radio, and the revue de presse that are available right now. There are also some documentaries online, mostly having to...