Monthly Archive: March 2009


Changes are afoot

Changing themes.  And stuff. Update: I am now using plain vanilla uncustomized Thematic as my theme. The pink and black was hurting my eyes, and I didn’t like the way the theme styled headings. In a few weeks, months, or whenever I have time, I may sit down and do something about the unending whitespace. Probably not.интернет реклама что это


Starting Pink BENIN, a Beninese charity (subtitled, “Why Theresa doesn’t have spare time anymore, not like she ever did”)

I’ve mentioned Pink BENIN and the work we do briefly here, in emails, and on Twitter, but I haven’t really gone into a lot of detail about what’s become a huge part of my life. How Pink BENIN got started About six months ago, a Beninese friend of ours came back from a trip to France and told us she’d gone to remove several lumps from her breasts, and to...


On misunderstood directions

Image via Wikipedia Me: I want to go to the airport. Zem: That’ll be 500 francs. Me: What?!? 300 francs. Zem: No problem! 400! Me: 300 or go away. Zem: No. problem! We take off in a vaguely wrong direction. 5 minutes later, I ask him “Are we going in the right direction?” Zem: Of course! Me: The airport’s in the other direction! We have to cross the highway first....


On connectivity in Benin

I never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for Benin Telecoms! A conversation with Jon Gosier on Twitter a few weeks ago revealed that in Uganda, he pays literally 10 times as much a month as we do, for the same connection. Can you imagine paying $600 a month for less than 256kb/s? Neither can I. I’m constantly frustrated by how slowly internet infrastructure develops in Benin, but at...