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    Thanks for sharing your requirements and the plugins you like to use to make WordPress a CMS. It’s a very good list. I use nearly all the same plugins.

    Here are a few more to consider, depending on the need.

    I really find wp-backup, by Austin Matzko, invaluable. It emails a db back up to my gmail account each week. Having a backup off of the server is often over-looked.

    Similar to your choices, I use Search All, by Cori Schlegel.
    I also like using ShareThis for book marks, tags etc.

    Robots Meta, by Joost de Valk, is a handy little gem when needed.
    When needed, Redirection, by John Godley, is a great way to handle redirects.

    I tried HeadSpace II and went back to All In One SEO Pack because it is easier to use.

    Thanks again for the great list and sorry for no links, but author names should make it easy to search for them.

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