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On Twitter and the Cool Table

I’m new to Twitter. And by “new,” I mean that I’ve been playing with the service for a few months, but only recently started actually having conversations. I have a feeling that a great deal of my followers only followed me because I followed them. A few days ago, I had a brief conversation with @jongos regarding aid, development, and corruption. He quoted me on Appfrica, and at least a dozen people have followed me since.

I’ve also noticed that Twitterers (tweeters?) are quick to respond when I ask questions and reply to their comments, no matter how A-List they may or may not be.  Lessons learned?  Stop pretending like I’m back in high school and too shy to talk to the popular guys at a school dance!  People love to talk!

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Power outages are infuriating.

There’s nothing more awesome than being up against a tight deadline only to find yourself subject to the (national) power company’s electric vagaries.  However, the problem is better today than it was two years ago, when we were subjected to rotating outages of 8 hours each, meaning that, on any given day, we were guaranteed power for eight hours, would probably have it for sixteen, and one every few weeks, we’d actually have uninterrupted service for a whole 24h.

Anyway, tight deadlines.
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Blogging was hella easier when I was just journaling about my experiences here in West Africa. I may get back to doing that soon.

Some quick notes: WordPress 2.7 is the love. We now have an internet connection in our apartment. I am on a social media kick. And everyone in Benin keeps congratulating me on Obama’s victory. As if it’s a personal victory that I somehow brought about all by myself.

Also, what do you think of the new theme?  I’m debating whether to keep it or just hack something together myself.aracer