Monthly Archive: August 2008


Excellent membership management plugin

One of our clients wants to build a membership-based site, with several different membership levels and options. And of course, both Joomla and WordPress options for fine control of who-sees-what are relatively limited. Both systems have very basic authentication protocols, where you can hide posts from users who aren’t logged in, but neither have any sort of system allowing several levels of privileges (WordPress’s role system is geared towards posting...


Bye-bye Twitter

Twitter recently stopped sending tweets out via SMS to Africa. To be fair, they stopped service in a lot of other parts of the world too, but it’s disenchanting to discover that we West Africans are not on their list of future locations (i.e. places where they plan to negotiate with cellular providers). Ouch. As an IT worker who does not have Internet access at home (6 months of saying...


Welcome back, Carpenter.

There are a million challenges to web development here in West Africa, not the least of which are poor and/ or expensive internet connections, a general ignorance of what the web can do (this is actually true all over the world, including the States), and computer illiteracy. What do you do when someone who’s never sat down in front of a computer wants a website? And what do you do...