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Yes, I am engaged.

I apologize for the lack of personal emails, but internet is expensive and if I’m at the cybercafé, usually I’m working. Anyway, it wasn’t terribly romantic, but it got the job done.

No, being engaged here isn’t the same as being engaged in the States. Bertrand had no idea how important it was that he actually ask. We’re living together, which, in the eyes of everyone in Benin, means that we’re married anyway. So the ceremony is just a formality, whereas for me, these steps are HUGE and IMPORTANT and DISTINCT.

So that confusion’s cleared up now too. Haha.

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am engaged.

  1. Yeah, so I just discovered this fun little fact today whilst browsing Facebook. Soooo… congratulations? Wait, that’s not a question. Congratulations! (That’s an exclamation.) What the hell? (THAT’s the question. :))

    Happy for you!

  2. I know. Take your eyes off a girl for one moment and she does something crazy like run off to Africa and fall in love. :)

    We’ll be wandering around the MD/DC/VA area come Xmas and New Year’s, so if you don’t mind the cold (that’s a joke, you crazy Alaskan snowbunny), pop on over and say hi. ;)

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