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Work harder, not smarter.

Me to security at work as I come in this afternoon: Who’s responsible for turning on and off the generator?
Security: I am.
Me: Oh, you might want to switch it off then. Power’s back in this neighborhood.
Security: Yeah?
Me: So you’re gonna switch it, right?
Security: No.
Me: Why the hell not?
Security: Yesterday, SBEE (state power company) came and cut power. They haven’t paid their electricity bill in months.

So they’re powering the building with a fucking generator which is oodles more expensive than paying the bill on time would have been.

P.S. My last day of Peace Corps service is July 1.

No, I’m not going to be home before Christmas.aracer


The All-Volunteer Conference was nice. I didn’t actually get to enjoy it as much as I’d hoped, mostly because I was running around frantically trying to wrap up last minute details for the GAD Fundraiser. The hotel was nice. The pool was nice. The food was nice. And of course, the alcohol was nice.

GAD Fundraiser? Roaring success. Made more than last year, and that’s with the added expenses of actually paying for a venue, renting out table settings, and all that madness.

This week of nothing, and by nothing, I mean taking care of other projects and my personal life, has been much needed. I’m relaxed. I’m happy. I’m enjoying not seeing my email every day. And I’m really just about ready to be done with this volunteer gig.


happy funtime


Actually, I have wireless internet at my office, so it’s not as exciting as it sounds. However, the ability to send emails about the GAD Dinner at 3 in the morning will be, I am sure, invaluable.

Also, I am liveblogging the conference.

Thank you, that is all.

Just kidding about the liveblogging thing.сайта