The thing about having Beninese friends . . .

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  1. orou g gaoue says:

    I was happy to find this blog about Benin and your PCV experience with students at the university and people in general.
    I am from Benin and I am doing a PhD currently in the US in Botany. As far ar Benin friend are concerned, it is simple to let them know that you have to go in a kind way. Don’t try to be over simpathetic and at the same time don’t try to be rude. Tell them “ok we can meet after if you want but I have a meeting and I am getting late”. That works actually. —That is true, men in Benin know how to dance. You just got to learn by doing and for us it just come quick. Good luck with everything! ooh I forgot to tell you about the non profit I am coordinating and you migth be interested in, Beyond The School (BSc) @ . We also try to promote and support english clubs among other jobs.

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