Peace Corps

I need a motherfuckin’ hug.

Nothing like being stood up for a meeting AND a formation in the same afternoon. Life in Benin is so fucking great like that!! Especially when I spent hours preparing for BOTH!! Yes!!

Welcome to Benin, Carpenter. It took ya’ fucking long enough.сео продвижение сайта

3 thoughts on “I need a motherfuckin’ hug.

  1. 00010101011110cyber hug 1001010010010101110 to theresa from katie and sara.
    redeem for a real one at all vol.
    we love!
    *aside from jason-isn’t she a smart ass regarding your website address

  2. Miss ya kid! Waita save the world… ps… the kid with the moto helmet is fantastic! =) pps… definitely 7/7/07, i hope you can be here, won’t be the same without ya! MUAH! -ellie

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