Monthly Archive: February 2006


Look, Ma! Archives!

That’s right. I’ve gone and published the archives. Yes, it took two PHP commands. Yes, I should have done it a long time ago. Yes, you should look in the sidebar for the links. Thank my Aunt Lynne for bitchin’ and moanin’ about it (I say that with love)


In which t talks about her English Club

Friday night I got a grand total of 3 hours of sleep. Saturday, however, I got back to my apartment and slept from noon to 6. Then I went to bed at 10 and got up at 7h30. I came home and slept from 12 to 1h30. Then out again, but home and back in bed by 10 and up at 7. I didn’t even have any dreams, which is...


In which t is amblivalent (as usual)

It’s been kind of a crazy week. I haven’t slept much. I’ve done nothing but hang out with PCVs. And, while I got a ton of work done, I’m not yet convinced that I actually accomplished anything in regards to my biggest projects. Motherfucker. I dunno. I’m stressed. I’m not sure how I feel about a dozen different things on a personal level (some things were really cool about this...


In which t talks about development and Brook

There are a couple of volunteers that I love having around. They’re not only good company (turns out, most volunteers are), but we end up having absolutely amazing conversations about development, politics, and just life in general. And it’s absolutely fascinating to see how service over here has affected each of us in different ways. I’m pretty cynical about development. I know that developed countries are better markets for American...


New pictures!

More from the end of 2005. There are some gratutitious cute kitten pictures. Consider yourself warned. Xmas in Grand Popo. ICT goes North. Haven’t been posting lately because I’ve been insanely busy. ROAR.topod


Happy Valentine’s Day

You’d think that, being as dedicated to staying single as I am, my Valentine’s Day would have been relatively uneventful. Of course, if you’ve been with us for a while (especially if you’re a holdover from the Bitter Club days), then you’re well aware that in my life, no such thing is even close to remotely possible. The day started out well. Katie’d been in town for a few days,...


On a college education

If you haven’t been following along, the primary form of in-city transportation here is moto-taxis, also known as zemijians (or just zems). Zemijian is a local phrase that means “get there faster,” and indeed, the zems zip along the streets of Cotonou, ferrying hundreds of thousands of people to work, school, and the market each day. Current statistics show that in Cotonou, there is a zem for every 10 people....


Future plans like whoa.

I’m looking at some grad school options. And also new career paths. Anyone know anything about Information Architecture? What about Information Science? How would I get into working as a usibility expert? What about if I’m interested in the classification of information? And specifically, how different cultures react to different ways of organizing information? What about cross-cultural usability? Yep. Anyway, it’s just a thought, although one that’s been floating around...


Misc Updates

Wow. There’s something absolutely marvelous about having a fast computer at work. Know what’s even more marvelous? The fact that I can now get work done at home. I bitch about how many hours a week I put into this office, but the reality is that I’m a workaholic and I’m really pumped that I can do lesson plans in the comfort of my own home. It’s pretty exciting, and...


Home sweet home

Back at my place in the South. Yeah! It’s good to be home. :) Look for updates and pictures later this week after I get done playing with my new shiny toy (thanks, Mom and Dad!!!!!).сайт