Life is strange, sometimes.

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  1. bdh says:

    So, what, you decide you are too good for thunderbird?

    I mean, sure it is flakey, it eats your inbox all the time and it the chances of it having actually sent all the emails it says it has sent are less than 100% – but for gods sake, it still has to be better than outlook?

    Also – things I would send by email, but since thunderbird stupidly uses the system date and won’t let you override, and this computer thinks it is November 2001, I am just going to put here:

    re: formations for you to translate, all half finished. Oh well.

    re: formations you sent to read, I unzipped it. Does that count as progress??

  2. bdh says:

    PS – IE thinks you have an open tag somewhere in your template, since 3/4 of your comment page is an active mailto: link….

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