Life is strange, sometimes.

I’m slowly but surely giving up on F/OSS. Yes, that’s right. I’m using *gasp* Outlook. Everyday. I still don’t know how to make it portable, but hey, no big deal, right? I’ll have a laptop soon! Then I won’t need portability. Oh wait, yes I will, because then I’ll have to synch everything on my laptop with my desktop here at work. Welcome to the Posh Corps, I guess.

Anyway. Life’s been pretty busy lately. The president and former president of the English club I advise took me to a woo yesterday. Well, first they took me out to lunch (I fucking LOVE ingame pileée), then we moto’d almost all the way to Porto. The zoo was a jarring illustration of the differences between American and African culture.

The animals were in dirty concrete and steel enclosures. No space to run around and most didn’t have adequate water. One of the lions was in bad enough shape he wouldn’t even move to flick the flies off his nose. Alligators without water. Ostriches with clear skin diseases where their feathers were all falling out.


And my companions didn’t even notice things like that. Lions and tigers and bears oh my, and all that madness. Then again, this is a culture where farm animals are marked with a piece of cloth tied around a leg, then let loose in village, where they’re left to forage on their own for food until they’re big enough to slaughter. The idea of an indoor cat is incredible strange. And if you’re traveling with your (live) goats, you’d better believe they’re trussed up by their feet and slung over the top of the bush taxi.