In which t visits the ParaCrew

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  1. Larry Hubbard says:

    We didn’t hear much about how Franklin fared during your absence. I assume you will be posting a picture of Ben’s haircut ….

  2. Jo McCollom says:

    Thanks for the PS to all the parents!

  3. Mary says:

    Hey Theresa,
    Your site is a hoot. Here is another thanks for the PS to parents…especially since some of our kids don’t have electricity let alone email. We depend on you and Lyle for the news!
    Stay Healthy.
    Sara’s Mom from NC

  4. Sara and Katie says:

    AHHH! We’re turning into our mothers! T, we just wanted to thank you for the shout out but, our Mom’s beat us to it. Don’t worry we won’t tell them you just did it for a care package.
    Katie and Sara from Karimama

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