Peace Corps


I got an email today about my first HS reunion. I thought I’d already missed it, but I guess not. Damn. Well, kids, I’m in Africa, and expect to be here for a while. Give everyone my love, and I’ll see you at the 10-year. Maybe.

I just got back from the Physical Challenge (aka Tech Week Live-in) up North. Basically, volunteers take a few stagaires and spend 3 or 4 days showing us what live as a PCV is really like. Mmmm. Somehow, I don’t see my life in Cotonou consisting of 20k+ bike rides through the bush, scrambling up rocky hills, or swamp walks. Haha. I bitch, but it was a good time, and I fell in love with Jason’s dog, so I’d say the excursion was well worth the bruises I have from one too many spills in the dirt. Mmmm-hmmm.

I got my post last week too! You’ll be able to continue sending mail to the exact same address as you are now. Hurray! In theory, I’m going to have electricity and running water, but I’m not holding my breath. Up north this weekend, there should have been power too, but Benin moves like syrup in January sometimes.

I get to visit my post and meet my HCN counterpart in a few weeks, which should be good. I’ll be doing work pretty similar to what I was doing at home. And my internet time is up. Peace Out, Girl Scouts.deeo

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