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Everything fits (with space to spare!). Too bad I’m 5 lbs over the limit. I was chatting with Lyle the other day, explaining that weight was far more a worry for me than fitting everything in my bags. I pack like a demon . . . lots of crap in a small space is no problem. It’s getting rid of the stuff that’s difficult. :-p

Gotta cut 10 lbs at least. Go, Carpenter, Go!!!!информация раскрутка сайта

2 thoughts on “Dammit!!

  1. Are we allowed seventy pounds or eighty pounds? The invite packet says 80 I believe, but the Benin CD said 70.

    Another thing you might want to try is putting the “heavy” stuff in your carry-on. As I pack, I am setting aside the stuff that is small but heavy, like contact solution and blank CDs and putting them in my backpack instead of my duffel bags

  2. Yeah, no idea about the weight. I just emailed Roland, but it’s a weekend, and I can’t imagine he’ll be checking his email before Tuesday.

    I managed to get everything well below 70, but there’s some stuff I wouldn’t mind taking with me if it’s actually 80.

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