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Tourist in our own town.

I spent Sunday acting like a goof-ball tourist in DC with my best friend. We had a great time. Sometimes, it’s just fun to let loose, be loud, obnoxious, and shallow on the metro, and be idiots taking pictures at monuments. Highlights include:

Gorgeous weather. And some amazing monuments. I’d never been to the FDR memorial before. It’s pretty incredible. The political message was pretty clear too, and it wasn’t just peace (although that was a large part of it). Mmmmm. Liberals. Mmmmmm. Shaddup. I am a liberal. Socially anyway.

“My new goal for the day is to take pictures of lots of naked men.” Lots of well-built men running around on the mall, then tanning in DuPont. Objectification? Absolutely. Tacky? Yeah, that too. Do I care? Nope.

“Theresa, I owe you a soda.” That would be for a picture I’ll put up later.

People watching. I’m gonna miss it. Not that it won’t be absolutely fascinating in Benin, but DuPont Circle really is my favorite people watching spot (in the world . . . so far). There’s just something about sitting in the grass there, watching the world pass by, that I haven’t found anywhere else.

City Lights. One of those places I’ve been meaning to visit for oh say, forever. I was just going to move it to the “when I get home” list, but decided to hit it anyway, mostly because why not, but also because of a comment ben left below. OH MY GOD, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?!?! That’s some good Chinese.

“That didn’t make you uncomfortable, did it?” “Oh, no. It’s just part of life with Theresa!” I didn’t realize that offering random men rides from the metro to campus might make Ellie uncomfortable until after I’d done it. Story isn’t acually sketch at all. Cute Brit asks for directions. Theresa realizes the shuttle doesn’t run on weekends and offers him a ride. Life with Theresa indeed. :-p

Pictures coming soon!продвижение

Post with no inherent value.

Sunshine on my face. Downtown Baltimore. And great company. I really love that town. And I’m really going to miss Gary. I wish I had some funny stories, but really, it was just us walking around and hanging out. (I know everybody’s shocked, but it’s true!!!) Pics can be found on flickr. I’m gonna learn how to take good pictures, dammit.

Too bad flickr only lets us free account folks have three sets. I’m gonna reach my limit real quick, I think. That means I need to get gallery up and working :-P. Well, it does actually work, but it’s FUGLY, and I’m not okay with that. I’ll link it when I get it looking nice.

SP01led rotten.

I can’t believe it’s been four years since we all crossed. Unbelievable. I went out to dinner with three other SP01’s last night. Good food. Good alcohol. Good conversation. Around 9:30, we all realized that we’re none of us college students any more. We were fuckin’ tired. I guess that’s what real life does to you, but it’s kind of sad. I mean, we sat around and laughed, made fun of Tom, drank, and ate, just like we always have, but we all knew the party had to stop at a decent hour, so we could make it to work the next day.

I wrote up a long post about how funny it was that our waiter thought Tom was gay and how much hell we gave him about it, then I realized that to someone who doesn’t know Tom, it’s really not that funny at all. Although, most of you reading this do know Tom. Just ask, sometime. :)

Anyway, I didn’t realize how much I loved DC until this week. I’m really gonna miss that town. It’s beautiful, and there’s an energy that I’ve never felt anywhere else. And let’s not forget how fascinating the people are too. Fortunately, I can spend every weekend until I leave taking pictures of the capital and Baltimore (of course Baltimore!). Anyway, company is usually welcome (and y’all know how much I love to play tour guide), so shoot me an IM or hit the cell if you wanna come along.

Unrelated: I’ve been trying out flickr for photos, but I’m limited to 200 pictures on display at any given point. Any suggestions for a home-based solution (hosted here, I suppose)? *heart*aracer

In which t kills some kittens.

Technical writing is what pays my rent. I like my job, and I like the people. I document software for a tier 1 webhosting company (we host the webhosts), so I end up doing a lot of documentation and QA while the applications are still being written and tweaked. It’s occasionally challenging, rarely boring, and always a learning experience. One of the by-products of “on the fly documentation” is the discovery of bugs (and lots of ’em). No sweat. They usually get fixed; however, in the past year, I’ve finally come to understand the old joke “Is it a bug, or is it a feature?”

We laugh about it, but half of the discussions in my department revolve around this. I’ll be absolutely convinced that a behavior is a bug. It won’t make sense to me, and I’ll be absolutely unable to figure out why it’s occuring, even with excellent design docs. No problem. I submit a bug or shoot an email to the programmers.

Programming Team: Actually, that’s what it’s supposed to do.
QA: Huh?
Programming Team: Yeah, if it doesn’t, the application starts running amok and killing kittens like mad.
QA: But that doesn’t make any sense from an end-user perspective! Can we get a warning in the GUI? Anything?
Programming Team: Do *you* want to be responsible for all those dead kittens?
QA: No . . .
Programming Team: Caveat the documentation. Have a nice day!

Indeed.интернет реклама раскрутка сайтов

In which t dispairs.


Okay, Carpenter, calm down. You’ve just about kicked the nicotine habit. If you can go two more weeks (OMG TWO WEEKS!?!?) without a cigarette, you’ll be FINE. It’s expensive, and good Lord, can you imagine the cost of imported cancer sticks in Benin? Not to mention, the terrible example it sets! There are lots of good reasons to not smoke while serving, and they’ll just have to be good enough to replace the sweet sweet bliss of the smoke swirling in with every . . . STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!

As for caffeine, there must be a way. These people aren’t savages. They are CIVILIZED, and since we ALL KNOW that civilization is built on caffeine, it’s just going to be a matter of getting your hands on some. No need to dispair. Not yet, anyway.

*breaks down and cries anyway*topod